Stepping it up this week…

The volume phase is done. Tome to add some weight, decrease the weights and focus purely on the bench. Next week the RageX makes an appearance…..


Cross Fit

24 min: (Every minute on the minute for 24 minutes)

30 Single Jump Rope, 8 Pull-Ups

7 Burpee Box Jump

12 Push Press



Pulldowns: 140X10, 160X8, 180X6, 200X5, 220X5X2

Reverse Pull Down: 160X5, 180X5, 200X5

DB Row: 90X8, 95X5, 100X5

Seated Cable Row: 160X8, 180X6, 200X5

Barbell Curls: 50×10, 60×10, 70×8, 80×8

DB Curls: 30X10X3



Flat raw: barX10, 135X10X2, 185X8, 225X5, 275X3, 315X3, 335X2, 345X2

Titan Ram: 365X2, 405X2

Floor Press: 225X5, 275X5, 315X5

Pec Dec: 160X10X3

Machine Dips: 3X10

Pushdowns: 70X10, 80X10, 100X8

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