The Rage Has Entered

Weights getting a bit heavier and the reps lower.


Cross fit routine with a focus on legs, back and shoulder


Pulldowns 160X8, 180X6, 200X5, 220X5

Close Grip Pulldown: 180X5, 200X5X2

Hammer Strength Rows: 3X8

Seated Cable Row: 160X8, 180X6, 200X5

Barbell curls: 5X10


Raw Bench: barX10, 135X10X2, 185X8, 225X5, 275X3, 315X3

Titian Ram: 365X3, 405X2

RageX: 455X3 (3 board), 495X3 (2 board), 495X1 (1 board)

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